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Nieuwe publicatie: "Students' motivation and subjective task value of participating in online and blended learning environments"

Online and blended learning (OBL) is intended for individualising education. However, while OBL attracts a diverse range of students, teachers lack insight into this diversity, which hinders them in anticipating... Read more »

Nieuwe publicatie: “Motivation gets you going and habit gets you there”

Onderwijsinnovatie luidt technologische ontwikkeling in maar is bovenal een menselijk veranderingsproces. Programmacoördinatoren begeleiden hun docententeam bij de overgang van de vertrouwde naar een vernieuwde onderwijspraktijk. De motivatie van het team... Read more »

Nieuwe publicatie: "Four key challenges to the design of blended learning: A systematic literature review "

The design of blended learning environments brings with it four key challenges: (1) incorporating flexibility, (2) stimulating interaction, (3) facilitating students’ learning processes, and (4) fostering an affective learning climate.... Read more »

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