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ALO Workshop 19 december 2017: Motivatie van cursisten in een blended leeromgeving

Op dinsdag 19 december 2017 vond in Brussel de ALO-workshop “Motivatie van cursisten in een blended leeromgeving” plaats. De beleving van de cursist in een blended leeromgeving stond centraal in... Read more »

Nieuwe publicatie: Adults’ Self-Regulatory Behaviour Profiles in Blended Learning Environments and Their Implications for Design

Abstract: Blended forms of learning have become increasingly popular. However, it remains unclear under what circumstances blended learning environments are successful. Studies suggest that blended learning challenges learners’ self-regulation. Yet... Read more »

Nieuwe publicatie: "Students' motivation and subjective task value of participating in online and blended learning environments"

Online and blended learning (OBL) is intended for individualising education. However, while OBL attracts a diverse range of students, teachers lack insight into this diversity, which hinders them in anticipating... Read more »

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