Reports and publications

The articles, analyses, reports and publications in this section are recommended by the ALO researchers. It includes both own publications and international sources containing the themes online and blended learning, adult education, ….

Overview deliverables

WP Type of output Title or Description By Date
WP1 Paper presentation at E-learn conference Framework for Quality Assurance and Improvement in adult education for online and blended learning: A Qualitative study – Preliminary results  Hilde Van Laer  19.10-22.10.2015
WP1 Paper presentation at ICERI conference Assessing the quality of online and blend learning using the methodology of e-Maturity Model. A pilot study in adult education in Flanders.  Yves Blieck  16.11-18.11.2015
WP2 Poster presentation Towards a theoretical model to design and evaluate blended learning environments in adult education. Ruth Boelens 22.05.2015
Project report Blended learning in adult education: towards a definition of blended learning Ruth Boelens, Stijn Van Laer, Bram De Wever, Jan Elen 15.06.2015
WP3 Paper presentation at INNODOCT conference Nudging adult learners to the finish line: a problem setting on self-regulated learning interventions to improve persistence in blended learning Ellen Van Twembeke 13.05-15.05.2015
Paper presentation at EDEN conference Expanding blended learning scenarios: How to empower adult learners to persist Ellen Van Twembeke 09.06-12.06.2015
Paper presentation at ORD conference Measuring student persistence in blended learning programs: a tentative exploration Ellen Van Twembeke 17.06-19.06.2015
WP4 Poster presentation at ORD conference Online en blended leren in formeel volwassenenonderwijs: de impact van motivatieregulatie Silke Vanslambrouck 18.06.2015
Poster presentation at ECEL conference Sebastiano Cincinnato 29/30.11.2015
Paper for ECEL conference Sebastiano Cincinnato  29/30.11.2015
Paper presentation at ECEL conference Motivational profiles of adult learners in online and blended learning. Silke Vanslambrouck 29/30.11.2015
WP5 Poster presentation Strategieën om opleiders voor te bereiden op online en blended leren: een kwalitatieve review. Brent Philipsen 26.02.2015
  Paper presentation at ORD conference Brent Philipsen 19.06.2015
Poster presentation at ECEL conference Using TPACK to examine teacher professional development for online and blended learning Brent Philipsen 29/30.11.2015
Paper for ECEL conference Using TPACK to Examine Teacher Professional Development for Online and Blended Learning Brent Philipsen 29/30.11.2015
ALO! Presentation at Event Gecombineerd Onderwijs Adult Learners Online! Online and Blended Learning (OBL) in Adult Education and Training ALO!-team 05.03.2015
Symposium at ORD conference Blended leren bij volwassenen: voor iedereen en alles? ALO!-team 18.06.2015
WP Type output Title or description By Date
WP1 Presentation and Scientific Article Validation of a Conceptual Quality Framework for Online and Blended Learning with Success Factors and Indicators in Adult Education: A Qualitative Study  Yves Blieck, Ilse Ooghe, Chang Zhu, Koen DePryck, Katrien Struyven, Bram Pynoo, Hilde Van Laer  Juli 2017
 WP2  Scientific article  Four key challenges to the design of blended learning: A systematic literature review Ruth Boelens, Bram De Wever, Michiel Voet  Juni 2017
 WP3  Scientific Article  Motivation gets you going and habit gets you there Ellen Van Twembeke & Katie Goeman  September 2017
 WP4  Scientific Article  Students’ motivation and subjective task value of participating in online and blended learning environments Silke Vanslambrouck, Chang Zhu, Koen Lombaerts, Brent Philipsen, Jo Tondeur October 2017

Scientific reports

Project reports

Professional reports

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WP1 – Hilde Van Laer: Keynote “Blended Learning in Erasmushogeschool Brussel” – 31.08.2017

WP1 – Blieck et al. Virtual presentation at IETC2017: “Validation of a conceptual quality framework for online and blended learning with success factors and indicators in adult education: a qualitative study” (Aug. 2017)

WP1 – Van Laer et al. e-Learning Maturity Model (eMM) as a methodology to self-assess the quality of blended learning. Gre@t conference on accessible development, Morogoro, Tanzania (22-23.08.2017)

WP1 – Van Laer et al. Supporting the development of a quality culture for online and blended learning in Adult Education. e-Learn 2017, Vancouver, 17.10.2017

WP2 – Boelens & De Wever. Collaborating on a shared document: vocational and technical students’ approaches and experiences. The European Conference on eLearning. October 26-27, Porto, Portugal.

WP2 – Van Laer & Elen. Overcoming constraints in the design of blended learning environments to foster inclusion of learners with different self-regulation profiles. Annual meeting of the Scientific Research Community: WO.008.14N Developing competencies in learners: From ascertaining to intervening. Leuven, Belgium, 11-13 October 2017.

WP2 – Van Laer & Elen. Using Event Sequence Analysis to Uncover Self-Regulatory Behaviour: Towards Design Guidelines. Biennial EARLI Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction. Tampere, Finland, 27 August – 2 September 2017.

WP2 – Van Laer & Elen. Learners’ Self-Regulatory Behaviour and its Relation to Designs of Blended Learning Environments (thematic poster). Tampere, Finland, 27 August – 2 September 2017, 453-453.

WP2 – Van Laer & Elen. Learners’ characteristics and self-regulatory behaviour in blended learning environments. Biennial EARLI Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction. Tampere, Finland, 27 August – 2 September 2017.

WP4 – Vanslambrouck et al. Adult learner characteristics as predictors of performance, satisfaction and intent-to-persist in online and blended environments. ICEL2017, Orlando 1-2.06.2017

WP4 – Vanslambrouck et al. Adult learners in blended environments: how they learn and motivate themselves. Presentation at EAPRIL 2017, Hämeenlinna, Finland, 29.11 – 1.12.2017

WP4 – Vanslambrouck et al. A tool to support adult learners in blended learning environments. Poster presented at EAPRIL 2017, Hämeenlinna, Finland, 29.11 – 1.12.2017

WP5 – Philipsen et al. Adult Educators’ adopted online teaching roles in online and blended learning environments. Edulearn2017, Barcelona 4.07.2017

WP6 – Bram Bruggeman & Bram Pynoo. Toelichting IWT-ALO op de WOW-inspiratiedag van CVO De Oranjerie. Diest, 23.11.2017